Yoga Brunch Club: A Review by The Bath Blogger

Arriving on a glooming and rainy Saturday morning, I was warmly greeted by Clem Balfour – the wonder woman behind YBC. Clem founded YBC with the dream of making yoga accessible to everyone and anyone. 

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On The Plate: Yoga Brunch Club Feature, Kym Grimshaw

I would highly recommend keeping tabs on Yoga Brunch Club for pop-up events as they are set to become more of a regular affair here in Bristol. Yogi or foodie, an afternoon of pure indulgence guaranteed...

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Come to practice and then stay to eat, chat and socialise, Yoga Brunch Club meets Khoollect

We popped down to their last event at Brixton East to meet with Clem to talk all things yoga, what keeps her motivated and most importantly, her best choices for brunch.


Being Little: Bristol Yoga Brunch Club

It was one of those events which leaves you with such a fuzzy feeling about where we live, the people there, and life in general. I spent the rest of the day walking around in the sunshine, totally blissed out.

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Style Street Stalker: On Clem Balfour founder of Yoga Brunch Club

When I stumbled across Clem Balfour, a food obsessed yogi and her incredible company, Yoga Brunch Club, I simply had to stalk her! Clem merged two of her loves, food and yoga, with a mission to create a space for people to relax.

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Eat, Pray & Whole Lotta Love, from Saints on a Plane 

The purpose of these events is to break down the barriers of yoga and make it accessible to all – you’ll never enter the space feeling intimidated, even if you’re a complete novice. 

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An Evening with Yoga Brunch Club, Charlie Swift

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or if unlike me you’re a seasoned yogini, I think you’ll find Yoga Brunch Club a beautiful way to spend a morning or evening...

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Five Minute Yoga Sequence to Improve Winter Wellbeing

This short sequence can be completed first thing in the morning to open the heart, shoulders and neck area or just before bed to reduce tension and prepare the body for restorative sleep.